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'''Edward Estlin Cummings''' (October 14, 1894 – September 3, 1962), known as '''EE. Cummings''', with the abbreviated form of his name often written by others in lowercase letters as '''e e cummings''' (in the style of some of his poems—see #Name and capitalization|name and capitalization, below), was an Poetry of the United States|American poet, painter, essayist, author, and playwright. His body of work encompasses approximately 2,900 poems, two autobiographical novels, four plays and several essays, as well as numerous drawings and paintings. He is remembered as an eminent voice of...
Birth nameEdward Estlin Cummings
Birth date{{Birth date|mf=yes|1894|10|14}}
Birth placeCambridge, Massachusetts
Death date{{Death date and age|mf=yes|1962|9|3|1894|10|14}}
Death placeJoy Farm in Madison, New Hampshire
Death cause| resting_place = Forest Hills Cemetery
Resting place coordinates| residence =
Known forPoems, plays and other works of art
SpouseElaine Orr
Anne Minnerly Barton
Marion Morehouse
Partner| children= Nancy, daughter with Elaine Orr